Sherlock style frame signed and numbered,8-10 wrap hand wound  Rogers style coils,coin chuck screw with #18 springs
Sherlock liner
Sherlock shader
H frame shader
H frame liner
Super Grips 7/8
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Sherlock style frame signed,numbered,8 wrap hand wound Rogers style coil,and #18 springs
Paul Rogers Black Widow liner (Copy),hand cut fabricated frame.Very special design inspired by the greatest! 8 wrap hand wound coil #18 springs.Special order/Limited Edition!
H Style frame design,standard style old school shader dimension layout,8-10 wrap coils,#18 springs
H frame design,compact liner dimension shown here,10 wrap Rogers style coils,#18 springs
Rogers Black Widow
7/8'Stainless steel grips,Made in U.S.A.Alan Bullington design.10/32 screws use same Allen wrench as most coils screws,High quality over sized stainless steel set screws ensure outstanding durability over a lifetime of Tip changes/Tube adjustments,knurled end, or smooth end both good for hours of comfort.Only sold here,super grippy design!
Custom washer style(Doughnut) frame shader or liner ,polished,engraved,bottom  plates vary in chuck style,8  or 10 wrap coils,Special order/Limited Edition!
Washer Machine(Doughnut)
Horse shoe MachineMachine
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Carolina Blue